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intro post
most fics are public;
only a few select posts are f-locked. comment to be considered--please tell me something about yourself: interests & such, i won't add strangers;
friending back is appreciated

about me.
17, high school student who wishes to study psychology in college. indian-portuguese. loves languages (can speak portuguese, english, spanish and this and that of some others). agnostic. grammar nazi (in portuguese, not as much with languages other than my mama language). procrastinator major.

assassin's creed, avatar: the last airbender, digimon, dragon age origins&awakening&2, fable iii (game), final fantasy (x & x-2), friends (tv series), glee, golden sun, harvest moon, the inheritance cycle (eragon, eldest, brisingr), kingdom hearts, merlin (bbc), naruto, nº 6, pokémon (games, manga, mystery dungeon), portal, prince of persia (sands of time series), tsubasa

anberlin, arcade fire, coldplay, death cab for cutie, explosions in the sky, florence and the machine, god is an astronaut, jesper kyd, kow otani, muse, nine inch nails, nobuo uematsu, owl city, plaid, sigur rós, snow patrol, the xx

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